Escrevendo pro Jorge Cham

Resolvi escrever pro Jorge Cham do PhD Comics:

Hi Jorge,

first of all, love the comics! That's exactly my life nowadays. Terrifying, eh?

Right now I have a terrible cold, my head's about to explode, fever, muscular pain, you name it. AND I have an abstract to submit to a congress - of course, it's due this week. Familiar with the situation?

Meanwhile, my advisor is publishing a new book. And I have to BUY at least one. No free books for his slaves - I mean, students.

Seems like my life would make a good PhD Comics strip. Several of my classmates in college are now teaching biology in high schools. So, I suppose I still prefer graduation to adolescents.

I don't know why I'm telling you that, actually. So, best wishes.

Será que ele vai me responder? Poderia realmente render uma tirinha!

Agora que vi que nem me dei ao trabalho de colocar meu país nem nada...

Aproveitando: uma tirinha que expressa muito bem minha vida no Rio!

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