Acta Geologica Sinica

Meus queridos dois leitores, unam-se a mim e ao Pearl Jam, e vamos odiar a Ticketmaster juntos!

No show que eu queria ver, não consegui comprar o ingresso no site deles. Neste, é MUITO caro.

Quem odeia unido, permanece odiando unido!


Pobrema da China

Trabalho por trabalho, que seja oficializado para ir pro currículo. Senão, vira escravidão.

Mesmo sem oficilizar meu novo "emprego", eu ia fazer tudo mesmo!

Agora o chefe viajou. Posso postar agora, já que ele não vai nem ler mesmo e é tarde demais:

- e o MEU resumo, esqueceu??!!!

Eu sempre sobro...


Mais um!

É... o número de leitores foi duplicado! Mais um, viva! Percebamos como que 100% mais soa bem melhor - é para isso mesmo que serve a estatística.

Continuarei com os relatos totalmente verossímeis de visões de pterossauros. Tudo por conta de nossos amigos ianques, como não poderia deixar de ser.

Although there seems to be no hard evidence that pterosaurs did not die out millions of years ago - no pterosaurs have ever been captured and no bodies have ever been found - sightings have persisted. Stories of flying reptiles have been recorded for many hundreds of years. Some think that tales of the "mythical" dragons in the lore of many cultures around the world could be attributed to the sighting of pterosaurs. Here are some more modern accounts:

May, 1961, New York State - A businessman flying his private plane over the Hudson River Valley claimed that he was "buzzed" by a large flying creature that he said "looked more like a pterodactyl out of the prehistoric ages."
Early 1960s, California - A couple driving through Trinity National Forest reported seeing the silhouette of a giant "bird" that they estimated to have a wingspan of 14 feet. They later described it as resembling a pterodactyl.
January, 1976, Harlingen, Texas - Jackie Davis (14) and Tracey Lawson (11) reported seeing a "bird" on the ground that stood five feet tall, was dark in color with a bald head and a face like a gorilla's with a sharp, six-inch-long beak. A subsequent investigation by their parents uncovered tracks that had three toes and were eight inches across.

February, 1976, San Antonio, Texas - Three elementary school teachers saw what they described as a pterodactyl swooping low over their cars as they drove. They said its wingspan was between 15 and 20 feet. One of the teachers commented that it glided through the air on huge, bony wings - like a bat's.

September, 1982, Los Fresnos, Texas - An ambulance driver named James Thompson was stopped while driving on Highway 100 by his sighting of a "large birdlike object" flying low over the area. He described it as black or grayish with a rough texture, but no feathers. It had a five- to six-foot wingspan, a hump on the back of its head, and almost no neck at all. After consulting some books to identify the creature, he decided it most looked like a pterosaur.