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The most striking tendency and identifying feature of any given piece of progressive rock is that it feels carefully composed, yet spontaneous and improvised at the same time. Progressive rock lends itself as much to intellectual analysis as it does to emotional enjoyment.

Progressive rock songs either avoid common song structures of verse, chorus, bridge, etc, or blur the formal distinctions by extending sections or inserting additional ones, for example, using musical interludes.

Progressive rock bands often use concept albums, in which a theme or storyline is explored throughout an entire album or series of albums, sometimes in a manner similar to a film or a play.

Progressive rock bands sometimes aesthetically link the music with visual art elements such as album art.

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Which member of The Who are you?

You are Keith Moon! WHOA! You are the extremely crazy, drugged-up, drummer! You have brandy instead of water during concerts, and at one time, you had the world's largest drumset. You like to smash your set to pieces, and Pete constantly has to cover for you while your drum is being replaced. You've broken more drum skins in a week than most drummers have seen in their lives. Why you got banned from the Holiday Inn is questionable, but most times it ends with you driving into the swimming pool. You died young from an overdose of sleeping pills.You're psycho. You do many odd things to get attention, but no one realizes that you're the reason you do them is because you're hurting inside. Don't be afraid to let the happy mask fall every once in awhile. You're very loved, but you're unsure as to whether you have real friends or not. If you don't wipe off that clown paint, you might never know.
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