Iggy Pop

Eu perdi Placebo, eu perdi America, eu perdi Elvis Costello (quase imperdoável!!), mas Iggy Pop eu não posso deixar de ver.

IGGY POP! O primeiro PUNK! O inventor do STAGE DIVE!


A few years back Iggy (or Mr. Pop, as the New York Times refers to him) lives in that rarefied zone inhabited by the true avatars of rock who struck its template in the 1960s, and survived through the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and beyond. It is not enough that the Stooges virtually single-handedly godfathered punk rock, garage rock and American heavy metal more than three decades ago, or that Iggy Pop went on to conquer Europe and the far East as a headlining phenomenon in the ’90s. His status today, filling stadiums (and hundreds of websites) around the world with his energy, his nerve, and his charisma indicates that the specter of Iggy Pop is a far more universal force in rock than many suspect.

Lust For Life!!

E... não consigo parar de pensar nisso: Meet me at the coffee shop, we can dance like Iggy Pop!

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