Mad fer it!!

E assim escreveu Noel Gallagher:


Fuck me it's cold!! Is this tour just gonna follow the snow, or what?

Hello. We're currently in Dresden. In the former East Germany. And it fuckin' feels like it!!

My voice is slowly going. I've got one of those annoying tickley coughs. Apologies in advance if you come to one of the gigs and I can't hit the high-notes but the winter's a bitch and people get colds so, like..erm..fuck off.

My "people" have managed to track me down a replacement jacket for the one that was robbed out of my case. I love my "people".

Hamburg tomorrow. That's where The Beatles came before they went back to Liverpool.

I'm off to suck on some throat sweeties.

In a bit.



E desta distância assistiu Taissa sua música favorita:

Morri, né. As fotos saíram fodásticas. Quero ver alguém fazer aquele comentário infeliz "Está fora de foco" novamente. z.B., meu novo papel de parede:

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douglas disse...

bei, é tua foto? nem parece...ehe

Taissa disse...

Viva a Sony!

Clarice disse...

Só uma música favorita?